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Jobnews Overview

"JOBNEWS CO., Ltd.," leading recruiting company in Korea, started its business as publishing Weekly Arbeit(Part-Time) News, special recruiting magazine.

And it continuously tries to make more transparent recruiting advertisement and to create more job opportunities. As a result, it developed websites such as www.jobnews.co.kr,
www.SolomonSearch.co.kr , www.ArbeitNews.co.kr
and www.100job.co.kr And it provides excellent web recruiting solution through benchmarking to all users.

By understanding the importance of the Human Resources Management, since 1998, we will assist in building a solid foundation by searching for Business Leaders in Korea.

At JOB NEWS, we provide clients with quality Executive Search and Human Resources Management consulting. By deliberately limiting our client base, we ensure not only the top quality service, but also the effective personal fit service to each and every one of our clients. In addition, we strive not only to satisfy our clients by successfully competing the given assignments, but also to build relationships based on providing a solid and honest service.

Instead of just talking about "why us" and "what we can do", we would like to actual invite you to experience our service and decide for yourself. At the end of the day, we are confident in saying that JOB NEWS will stand by you as your trusting partner providing the successful choice.